I had cancer so I didn’t apply for the Homestead Rebate. Now what?

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Q. I’m a cancer survivor and was too ill to file for the Homestead Rebate for seven years. They didn’t think I would live with Stage 4 aggressive cancer but here I am. What should I do?
— Homeowner

A. The Homestead Rebate was replaced by the ANCHOR program.

But for people in certain situations, you may find success in applying for past years of Homestead.

In order to be considered, you will have to apply for each benefit year you missed. You will be rejected because it’s past the deadline.

But that allows you to appeal.

“The taxpayer will receive a notice of denial providing information on next steps and how to appeal the denial,” the Division of Taxation said. “The taxpayer will need to file on paper since our web applications are no longer available for past tax years.”

You can also visit a regional office for in-person assistance.

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This story was originally published in April 2024.

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