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Advertising on will help you reach your target audience: New Jersey residents who have questions about their money. Some of our readers already work with financial advisors and they want a second opinion.  Others are do-it-yourselfers, but as their financial lives get more complicated or they near a big-ticket goal such as retirement or college enrollment for their children, they want an objective voice to help guide them. Others need estate planning advice and they’re not sure where they should turn.

Whether it’s through a larger advertisement on the site, or a listing on the Find an Advisor page, your message can reach those who need the services you provide.

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I advertised on because I believe in today’s world, individuals are facing increasingly complex and critical financial decisions impacting their lives. I believe will be an unbiased vehicle for educating individuals about important financial decisions they face. Karin, throughout her career, has been dedicated to educating her audience about the critical aspects of planning for their financial futures — a mission which I also strongly believe in.
Mike Maye

Michael Maye
CFP, CPA, MJM Financial Advisors

I have worked with Karin for the past 10 years and the results have been incredible. I run into people all the time and they say, “Oh, you’re that guy who I see in Karin’s articles all the time.” Bottom line is that she has a lot of readers, excellent content, and people really enjoy reading her articles. This will help your business grow and give you great credibility! I have met a lot of clients through Karin and I’m not about to stop now.
Jerry Lynch

Jerry Lynch
CFP, JFL Total Wealth Management