Will stocks be hurt by Trump and Putin?

Photo: pixabay.com

Q. With the ongoing Russia investigation and the latest from when Trump met Putin, should I be worried about uncertainty in the stock market?
— Investor

A. There are always headlines that could have an impact on your investments.

But you have to remember the importance of a long-term investing plan before you make any knee-jerk moves.

“I wouldn’t be worried as there is always something,” said Jerry Lynch, a certified financial planner with JFL Total Wealth Management in Boonton. “A while back it was Puerto Rico, then Greece, then England, then Korea, then Russia – there is always a reason not to invest.”

Before that, Lynch said, it was oil, then banks, then technology, then unemployment.

Lynch said it should always come down to the timing of when you need the money back.

“If less than five years, keep it liquid. If longer, allow it to go through the market cycles,” he said. “It is never about timing the market, but rather time in the market.”

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