The Senior Freeze when you’re not 65

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Q. Would the Senior Freeze be applicable if one is a retired federal employee, but not age 65?
— Hoping

A. There are specific requirements to be able to take advantage of the Senior Freeze.

In order to be eligible, you must have either reached age 65 or be receiving federal Social Security disability benefit payments, not including payments received on behalf of someone else, said Len Nitti, a certified public accountant with Wilkin & Guttenplan in East Brunswick.

“Unless you are receiving the disability benefit payments, you will not qualify until you turn 65,” he said. “Additionally, you must have lived in New Jersey for the last 10 years and owned/lived at your current home for at least three years, along with meeting certain income requirements to be eligible for the program.”

You can learn more about the requirements here.

The deadline to apply is nearing fast. Learn more about that here.

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