Jeralyn Lawrence receives 2024 Her Hero Lifetime Achievement Award

Photo: Courtesy Lawrence Law

New York City–Jeralyn Lawrence, Founder of Lawrence Law has recently been honored with the 2024 Her Hero Lifetime Achievement Award from the New York City Bar. This award ceremony was held at the 5th International Law Conference on the Status of Women at the New York City Bar Association center. The conference was held on March 8, 2024, celebrating International Women’s Day and the International Day of Women Judges. This conference marks five years of honoring over 100 extraordinary women and women centric organizations. It was on honor to have Jeralyn Lawrence included in this event.

Jeralyn shared remarks of the celebration, “The conference was amazing and empowering. To be recognized by my colleagues in New York is humbling and heartwarming. I am deeply grateful. Anytime women get together to collaborate on lifting the each other up and sharing stories of growth, tragedies and triumphs, you leave with a new sense of purpose and inspiration. Thank you Catherine Van Kampen and the New York City Bar for an extraordinary conference and an amazing award.”

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