Jeralyn Lawrence receives prestigious family law award from the N.J. State Bar Association

Photo: Rita M. Aquilio, Esq. (left), Amy Shimalla, Esq. (center), and Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq. (right) at the 2023 Tischler Award Dinner. (Courtesy Lawrence Law)

Somerset, April 25, 2023 – Lawrence Law, a leading divorce and family law firm, proudly announces and celebrates the outstanding achievement of its esteemed Founder, Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq., for receiving the distinguished New Jersey State Bar Association Family Law Section Saul Tischler Award. This prestigious accolade is presented to individuals who have made lifelong contributions to the advancement of Family Law in the state of New Jersey.

The Saul Tischler award serves as a testament to Jeralyn Lawrence’s unwavering dedication and exceptional work in the field of Divorce and Family Law throughout her illustrious career. Her passion for promoting justice, compassion, and excellence has made a profound impact on countless individuals and families facing complex legal challenges.

Jeralyn Lawrence, renowned for her legal expertise and unwavering commitment to her clients, has continuously demonstrated her ability to navigate intricate legal matters with empathy and professionalism. Her leadership, extensive knowledge, and tireless advocacy have not only earned her the respect of her peers but also the gratitude of the individuals she has represented.

Lawrence Law extends its warmest congratulations to Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq. on this remarkable accomplishment. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to advancing Divorce and Family Law will continue to inspire our team and the legal community as a whole.


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