How can I register an out-of-state car in N.J.?


Q. My daughter and son-in-law bought a car in Virginia for $50,000 and they registered it in Virginia. After a week, they gave it to me as a gift in New Jersey and the car was insured in New Jersey. How can I register the car in New Jersey?
— Driver

A. Congrats on getting this new set of wheels.

The rules for registering a car in New Jersey are clearly stated on the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) website.

Under New Jersey law, you have 60 days, or 120 days during a public health emergency, to transfer your title and registration.

First, make an appointment.

You need to bring proof of identification, the original title and your insurance information.

Then you need to complete a few forms, and you should do this before you go: A completed Universal Title Application (Form OS/SS-UTA) and a completed Vehicle Registration Application (Form BA-49).

It seems this car doesn’t isn’t financed or leased, but if it is, you also need to complete an Application for the Release of a Title from Lienholder (Form OS/ SS-54).

Once MVC receives the title, you will be notified when you can return to complete the process, the website says.

Then there are a few fees to consider.

The transfer title fee is $60 for a standard vehicle, $85 for financed vehicle with one lien or $110 for a financed vehicle with two liens.

You’ll also have to pay a registration fee, which varies based on the age and type of vehicle.

Sales tax may also be assessed, but there are some exemptions detailed here.

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