Deadbeats owe millions to N.J. Consumer Affairs. Here are the 10 who owe the most.

New Jersey is owed nearly $104 million in unpaid fines, restitution and fees from successful prosecutions of consumer fraud cases and settlements by the Division of Consumer Affairs.

Over nearly 10 years, from 2012 through the end of July 2021, Consumer Affairs won or was awarded more than $260 million across more than 2,300 cases.

The defendants paid more than $156 million on the debts, leaving nearly $104 million, or some 40%, uncollected.
The 10 biggest debtors collectively owe nearly three-quarters of that amount, or more than $75.7 million.
Of the top 10, eight are home improvement contractors.
Take a look at the biggest deadbeats who owe money to Consumer Affairs.