If I gift more than $15K, what tax forms do I need?

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Q. If I gift more than $15,000, what form do I need to file?
— Taxpayer

A. Thanks for your question.

You can gift up to $15,000 a year to as many people as you’d like.

But once you gift more, you do need to record that amount against a lifetime gift exclusion, said Gail Rosen, a Martinsville-based certified public accountant.

“For gifts over $15,000, a gift tax credit then applies to the gifts you make during your life up to $11.58 million,” Rosen said.

For 2020, you will file Form 709 no earlier than Jan. 1, but not later than April 15 of 2021, she said.

“The gift tax return is a separate tax return and not tied to your individual tax return,” she said.

You can find those instructions here.

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This story was originally published on Sept. 22, 2020.

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