How can I take the veteran’s exemption?

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Q. How will New Jersey know if you are a veteran for the new tax break? Must you attach a DD214 to your return??
— Vet

A. The new veteran’s tax break that came with the gas tax bill is causing a little confusion for 2016 tax returns.

The problem?

The deduction isn’t in effect for 2016.

“This new exemption does not apply until tax year 2017 for your New Jersey taxes,” said Gail Rosen, a Martinsville-based certified public accountant. “Starting then, veterans who received honorable discharge are eligible for an exemption of up to $3,000 against earned income.”

Exactly what you have to do to take the deduction isn’t clear yet.

Rosen said the state hasn’t made available the instructions that will show how you claim the exemption.

But once the state releases those details, we’ll bring them to you.

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