What comes off my credit report after bankruptcy?

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Q. I filed for bankruptcy in 2017 and I’m still seeing items that were included in my case on my credit report. How do I get the items removed, especially charge-offs?
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A. We hope you’re on the way to rebuilding your credit life.

You’re going to have to do some work here.

Your bankruptcy filing should show on your credit report, said Karra Kingston, a bankruptcy attorney in Union City.

The accounts that were included in your bankruptcy will also generally stay on your report for seven years, but you want to make sure your credit report indicates those accounts were part of the bankruptcy filing.

“Not all of the creditors may have reported anything after the filing of the bankruptcy,” she said. “If you are unsure or have a discrepancy about what appears on your credit report you can contact the creditor directly and discuss it with them or file something with the credit bureaus that show proof of whatever is wrong.”

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This story was originally published on June 7, 2019.

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